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Hi, I'm David Spencer, and I am running for Place 5 on the Boerne ISD School Board. My wife Jennifer, a former teacher, and I are the parents of four sons. One is at Boerne Middle School North, two are at Boerne High, and our oldest who graduated from Boerne and now attends Texas Tech, where he too is studying to become a teacher. 

We care deeply for our community and our top quality schools in which we have entrusted the education of our children.  I am running to ensure that Boerne ISD is prepared for the rapid growth we are facing, that we provide an excellent education for our current and future students, that our tax dollars remain here in the district, and that our schools continue to reflect the values of our community. Values do matter.

I am well prepared to be an effective member of the BISD board.  I’ve been involved in Public Schools for over 20 years, including 7 years of service on the Comal ISD school board, which like Boerne is a fast growing Robin Hood district.  Since moving here 5 years ago, I have been deeply involved locally. I currently serve on the Boerne ISD Strategic Planning Committee, the District Education Improvement Committee, and volunteer for the Boerne HS Band Boosters. I served on the district Entrepreneurship Advisory committee.  I helped start the Curington Elementary ‘WatchDogs’, to increase school safety and father’s involvement in schools. I remain an active PTO participant and fundraiser at all my kids’ schools. In addition, I have coached a Destination Imagination team, I remain active in youth sports, and I serve as a Lay Reader and on the Stewardship committee at my church.

Professionally, I am the founder and CEO of Prytime Medical Deviceswhich has its office on Main Street directly across from the Dienger. I am also a  co-founder and director of both the Bank of San Antonioand the Bank of Austin. As an entrepreneur, I have built and sold several companies. I have experience managing large, complex organizations. I understand the importance of long-range planning and detailed budgeting, which are key elements of Board service. I will work for the continued conservative stewardship of our taxpayer dollars.

Like you, my family is blessed to live in this community. I ask your help to continue to give back in return. I believe strongly that quality communities have quality public schools, which are a bedrock of our great country. I believe every child deserves a chance at a quality education. 

I ask for your support. 

Thank you, 

David Spencer

David spencer's priorities

Prepare for Growth

How we handle growth will determine our community's future. Previous board service in a high growth district has prepared me for many of the issues our district will face.As a school district in one of the fastest growing regions of the country, BISD will face enormous challenges in the years ahead. New schools will have to be built, teachers and administrators hired, and systems developed to manage what will become a large district in the next twenty years. There will be increased pressure for tax dollars.  It is imperative that BISD has a professional Board that is focused on these issues, can plan accordingly, and which can balance the needs of our growing district with the responsibility of protecting the taxpayers. We must also have strong relationships with municipal, county, and state leaders and work to manage the growth in our community as a team with a common purpose.

Keep Our Tax Dollars in the District

The state funding system for Texas schools is broken. Despite the pressure and expense rapid growth has put on our local schools, nearly $10 Million local taxpayer dollars will be taken out of Boerne ISD and redistributed under the Robin Hood scheme this year alone. While our state leaders must find a plan that provides a quality education for all Texas children, it is not right that our students and our taxpayers shoulder such an unfair burden. Our parents and local business leaders should not have to hold fundraisers to purchase basic school essentials for our students, while millions of dollars flow away from our district. The BISD board must do its part to fight for legislative change in Austin that allows Boerne ISD tax dollars to stay in the district.

Focus on Excellence

We have an excellent school system, but to keep it that way we must continually improve. This means continued investment in teachers, staff, technology and curriculum which will provide our students the best education possible. We also need to recognize there is more to life than just academics. District support for quality extracurricular activities is paramount, as studies show students in at least one extracurricular activity far out perform students with none. Another area we need to continue to excel is parental involvement. As our district matures and grows, we must stay nimble and competitive, and not let bureaucratic apathy set in.  

Maintain Our Values

Values matter. While providing a top education is critical, equally important is that our schools continue to prepare our children to be good citizens and leaders. We must not allow BISD to become a laboratory for a progressive agenda that seeks to indoctrinate our youth and tear down the institutions and values that made our country great. Unfortunately, we live in a time where some schools want to ban the Pledge of Allegiance, cancel Thanksgiving celebrations for “political correctness”, and drive Christ out of Christmas. In some places, a simple impromptu and private prayer before a football game is now enough to get a coach fired. We must keep this corrosive agenda from setting up shop in Boerne ISD.  


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